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We provide armed and unarmed security patrols for events and both commercial and residential properties throughout the nation.

Whether it is as deterrence by the presence of security officers, or the ability to provide a rapid response to incidents on-site, armed or unarmed security patrols are a proven method of providing a secure environment for commercial or residential spaces.

Our team is built with experienced, well-trained armed security and unarmed security. At Valle Security Texas, we believe in a strong work ethic and true dedication to client satisfaction.  Frequent checks with our security team ensure these morals are upheld at all times.

We are committed to hiring and training top-notch individuals.  Many of our armed security guards are off-duty or retired police and military.   Our armed and unarmed security team provides unparalleled, professional security patrols 24/7, which involves access control, rapid responses to incidents, around-the-clock surveillance, crowd control, threat deterrence, security consulting, and more for commercial spaces and residential communities.

Whether its communication with the client or with local law enforcement, your security patrol is a link that keeps you informed and safe no matter what the circumstances are.  We keep the lines of communication open. 

Our armed and unarmed security patrol plays a big role in our clients’ security services. Because of this, every one of our security team is trained to be prepared, alert, and connected. Your private security patrol officers are trained to keep constant observation, interfere when incidents present themselves, and to report everything that happens on your property.

Active Security Management Team

The reason our unarmed and armed security patrol officers are so well trained and involved in their work is that our management team is right there with them.  Our security management team is actively involved with:

  • Hands-on in the field security along with security patrol

  • Staying directly in contact with clients’ sites

  • On-site inspections to ensure field supervisors and security guards are in compliance with all procedures

  • Ongoing training participation

Benefits of hiring armed security or unarmed security

  • Guest comfort and safety:  

When guests and customers see our security guards they often feel more at ease.  The presence of Valle Security Texas officers lets people know that their valuables and their persons are safe from threats.

Our armed security personnel can protect your staff and customers from potential risks, including arguments and terror attacks, individuals in unauthorized locations, and even property theft.  Due to the high level of skill, knowledge, and training, our staff has the ability to act quickly and professionally in any situation that may arise.  This makes the Valle security team an invaluable presence for your property or event.

Armed security by off duty and retired police and military

  • Deterrence: 

If a potential criminal or thief knows a business, property or event has security guard protection, it can serve as a deterrent.  Trained professional security guards know what to look for when a person is exhibiting signs of suspicious activity and they can quickly react in those situations to prevent loss. Having a physical security presence is more effective than just a security alarm or camera, especially since technology can sometimes fail

  • Prevent Disturbances at Your Event or place of work:  

There is a lot that goes into planning an event. One of the most important aspects is to make sure that your event is secure and that attendees feel safe while they are there. Unfortunately, large crowds are easy targets for someone who may want to commit a crime. With trained security guards from Valle Security Texas, you can help ensure that your event is secure.  Any event where alcohol is being served has an even higher possibility of an incident that might need professional security guards.  This is true of both public and private entertainment, sports or workplace events.

  • Entrance Security:

Prevent malicious party crashers from gaining entry and causing disturbances at your event. Hiring security guards helps with monitoring any entrances or exits to the venue. At Valle Security Texas, we can provide unarmed or armed security guards based on your needs and preferences.

With ticketed events, security guards can also monitor the check-in process to ensure no one gets in who hasn’t paid.  Our staff can also help with searching bags or individuals so that no one brings in contraband materials to your event.

  • Crowd Control

Sometimes event attendants behave in a disruptive or destructive way. Some are influenced by too much alcohol consumption or other factors. When that inevitably occurs, Valle security staff can be there, ready to intervene and help prevent injury or disturbance to other guests.  Our guards are trained to position themselves strategically so that they can spot warning signs of someone acting out of control – and take action.  If your event has VIP or staff-only areas, security guards can also keep those areas and people protected.

  • Emergency Action:

In the event of an emergency situation, security guards will be there, ready to take action.  As many of them do or have had professional careers in law enforcement, our security team are trained to act rationally under duress and can get guests to safety, away from whatever emergencies arise during an event. Guards also know to look for warning signs of someone acting oddly, or with suspicious behavior.

  • Night surveillance:

24-hour security can protect your venue, property, business and personal assets.

Event and Festival Set-Up, Commercial and Residential Properties as well as Construction Sites can be a huge investment, and protecting that investment makes sense.  When you’re not there at night, your property is vulnerable.  Hiring 24/7 security protection means you will have someone who performs drive through observations as well as foot patrols and physical checks of the building.

Drive through observations help to prevent people from loitering in your parking lots. Foot patrol and physical checks allow Valle security guards to check for any unlocked points of entry and for any criminals who may be lurking in the dark waiting for a time to strike.

Why Contact Valle Security Texas?

Whether it’s security, event staff, crowd control, traffic management, theft prevention, check-in support, or disaster preparedness, our team stands ready to ensure that your venue operates smoothly and is as secure and well run as possible. Contact us to learn how our decades of experience serving the marketplace while focused on the customer experience makes Valle Security Texas the premier choice to serve your businesses or venue’s needs. Contact us today for a free initial evaluation and proposal.





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