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We provide celebrities, athletes and public figures with professional protection. We offer discreet, armed escort services internationally for clients and their loved ones.

Valle Security Texas believes you should be protected from unwanted intrusions into your privacy – whether from the press, paparazzi, exuberant fans, stalkers or other less than well-meaning individuals.

Security consultation or intervention by our team of specialists makes the difference! Negative incidents can be devastating to high profile individuals: financially, professionally and personally. These mishaps can impact safety, personal finances, and public image.

We educate our clients on law enforcement interaction and intervene on their behalf should a problem develop. We dedicate our business to shielding you from any bad elements that can arise.

We not only provide public protection, but we also put security plans in place for home and transport.

Valle Security Texas strongly believes in confidentiality and therefore our service agreement contains a confidentiality clause designed to ensure your privacy and professional image remain intact.

Bodyguard protection by Valle Security Texas
We offer personal protection on your terms. We provide full services and offer 24-hour protection. Our 40+ years of experience bring peace of mind to your life.
Our highly trained professionals operate under a strict code of conduct while maintaining complete client confidentiality. Male and female bodyguards are available.
Protection Services Include:
  • Business Executive and Dignitary Escorts
  • Family and Asset Protection
  • Armed and Unarmed Protection
  • Executive Drivers
  • Threat Assessment
  • Private Flight Arrangements
  • Secure Lodging Accommodations
  • Business, Home and Social Protection
  • Special Events
  • Discreet Evacuations
  • Bulletproof Transportation
  • Personal Security
Valle Security Texas protecting Jamie Lee Curtis
Hector Garcia provides personal protection services for celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis​
Body guard and personal protection service


Whether you need a bodyguard, executive or celebrity protection, order of protection enforcement or private investigation services, Valle Security Texas stands ready to be at your service to assure your safety. Contact us to learn how our decades of compassionate experience serving in personal protection can help you.

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